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Pelican Case 1550

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Case 1550  
pelican 1550 Pelican case 1550 specs
Usable Inside Dimensions:
at parting line of case
19.0"L x 14.50"W x 1.75" (Lid) over 5.88" (Base)
Outside Dimensions:
20.69"L x 17.18"W x 8.12"H
Empty 10.6 lbs.
Case with Foam: 11.9 lbs
69.9 lbs
Case Colors

Pelican 1550 case model

With fold down handle. Available in Black (stock color - ready for shipping in 24 hrs. or less). Please check availability for all other colors (Silver, Orange, Yellow & Desert Tan), longer lead time applies.

Smaller or Larger Case  
1550 Case Part Numbers:
Basic Protection

Price $141.95
Pelican 1550 Case Empty

Buy 1550 Empty


Empty case, no foam (-E suffix)
(No re-stocking charge applies)

LEVEL 1 Strongest case on the market, suitable for rugged equipment that does not require additional foam protection.

Good Protection

Price $167.95
Pelican 1550 with Foam

Buy 1550 with Foam


Foam Filled (-F suffix) Pick "N" Pluck Polyurethane layers. 4 foam pieces per set: 2 pieces are Pick "n" Pluck 2.50" thick; one base pad and one convoluted (egg-crate) foam lid pad.

(No re-stocking charge applies)

LEVEL 2 Pick 'N' Pluck foam, a do-it-yourself system for custom-shaping the interior of the case according to your equipment. Layers of foam are pre-scored in tiny cubes. Simply measure your equipment over the grid and pluck away.

Better Protection

APP-1554PD Camera Case
Price $242.77
Pelican 1550 Camera Case with Padded Dividers

Buy 1550 Camera Case

Pelican Case 1550 with Padded Dividers
(No re-stocking charge applies)

LEVEL 3 An alternative to organizing your gear. Made of durable nylon and foam. Individual compartments are adjustable using a hook and loop Velcro ® system.

  Best Protection

Price $182.18
Pelican 1550 with Solid Foam

Order 1550 with Solid Foam


Pelican Case 1550 filled with Solid Polyurethane Foam & Convoluted Lid (no Pick & Pluck)

You can specify the thickness of the foam layers at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  (layers must be no less than 1/2" thk.)

(20% re-stocking charge applies)
Do it Yourself Solid Foam

  Best Protection

Price $184.81
1550 Gun Case

Order 1550 Gun Case


Gun Case comes with thick interlocking convoluted padded foam that will protect your handguns.

(20% re-stocking charge applies)


  ESD Protection

Price $196.93
Pelican 1550 with Anti-Static Foam

Order 1550 with Anti-Static Foam


Pelican case 1550 filled with Solid Pink Anti-Static Polyurethane Foam  & Convoluted Lid. (use for static sensitive electronic components only). You can specify the thickness of the foam layers at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  (layers must be no less than 1/2" thk.)

(20% re-stocking charge applies)
Anti Static Foam

  Custom Protection

APP-1550CF - CUSTOM FOAMCustom Foam

LEVEL 5 For the ultimate in protection and for that “fit like a glove,” custom foam is available for virtually any application. Foam inserts can be cut according to your specifications. All we need is a sample of your item or a drawing with accurate dimensions (print or AutoCAD drawings in .dwg or .dxf formats). Choose between open cell Polyurethane, closed cell Polyethylene, or Anti-static foam depending on your requirements.

To get a quote for your custom application or if you have any questions, just contact one of our customer service representatives and they will be happy to assist you.

  If you need custom foam interiors or help with your online order
please call us at 1-800-882-4730

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