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Pelican Gun & Handgun Shipping Cases

Gun & Handgun shipping cases - Universal 6 pack Handgun Cases


Pelican Handgun Cases meet and exceed Military Standard 4159-J - stacking (400 lbs.) - Drop Test (48") - Humidity (120F at 95% RH) - Immersion (2" at 160F). They are watertight, airtight, dust Proof, crushproof and corrosion proof.

Pelican Handgun Cases filled with convoluted and Pick & Pluck foam (not available on the 1700, 1720 or the 1750 case models)

Universal Handgun Cases with interlocking convoluted foam interior - 6 sizes to choose from:

APP-1400GUN Gun case usable I.D.: 12.12"L x 9.12"W x 5.15"H

APP-1450GUN usable I.D.: 15"L x 10.50"W x 6"H

APP-1500GUN Case usable I.D.: 17"L x 11.43"W x 6"H

APP-1520GUN usable I.D.: 17.88"L x 12.75"W x 6.63"H

APP-1550GUN  usable I.D.: 19.0"L x 14.50"W x 7.62"H

APP-1600GUN Case usable I.D.: 21.88"L x 16.88"W x 7.75"H

3 Rifle Case models:

APP-1700GUN Inside Dimensions: 35.88"L x 13.88"W x 5.25"H

APP-1720GUN Inside Dimensions: 42"L x 13.5"W x 5.25"H

APP-1750GUN Inside Dimensions: 50.62"L x 13.50"W x 5"H










Pelican Handgun 1400 case 1450 Handgun Case
Handgun 1500 Case Handgun 1520 Case

Rifle & handgun cases - Military weapons cases - Buy Pelican Cases online

If you need custom foam interiors or help with your online order please call us at 1-800-882-4730

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