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When you're traveling both domestically or internationally, your equipment is in danger. Vibration, shock, and violent impact can damage even the most heavy duty electronics. Pelican Hardigg rack cases provide a number of solutions that will protect your valuable equipment. A Pelican rack mount case is the safest place to store the items you depend on most. With the acquisition of Hardigg Storm Cases, Pelican shipping cases have become stronger than ever.

Classic rack cases feature recessed and zinc-plated hardware to protect your electronics. The MAC and SuperMAC Pelican shipping cases are lightweight, watertight, and shockproof with aluminum construction and elastomeric shock mounts. The SuperMAC is also chemical and heat resistant for maximum protection no matter where you're traveling. The Black Box Pelican rack mount case protects semi-fragile objects and features a case made from recycled materials. ProRack cases are the largest of the Pelican Hardigg rack offerings and offer protection to equipment up to 75 pounds. Whatever your shipping needs, Pelican Hardigg rack cases are the perfect solution for getting your equipment to where you need it safely.

Pelican Hardigg Classic Rack Cases for extreme duty & ultra fragile gear Pelican Hardigg SuperMac cases Pelican Hardigg Mac Rack cases for medium duty
Hardigg Classic rack cases provides extreme duty protection for equipment weighing from 20 to 340 lbs. Hardigg SuperMac cases provide security for moderately fragile equipment. Cases are 24" wide. MAC rack cases offer medium duty protection. Shock mounts were created to hold 20-200 lbs.
Hardigg Blackbox rack cases for light & medium duty applications - semi fragile Pelican Hardigg ProRack for light duty applications

  The fragility of an item is normally expressed in "G" units. G units are a measure of the force exerted on bodies by the earth's gravitational pull. The larger the G force needed to cause breakage, the less protection necessary from shock and vibration.
Blackbox cases are airtight and watertight. Case provides light to medium duty protection. ProRack cases hold up to 75 lbs and provides light duty protection. Cases are 18" deep.  
The world's leader in protector cases now offers the Hardigg Storm Cases under one corporate umbrella. The combined offering extends to over 70 industry-leading injection molded shipping case models and are branded as Pelican Case and Pelican Storm Case.

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