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Pelican Hardigg Rack & Shipping Roto Molded Cases

Pelican Hardigg Rack & Shipping Roto Molded Cases

Hardigg military cases have been the ultimate in protective shipping for many years. Resistant to chemicals, and heat these Pelican shipping cases will protect your valuables through the harshest conditions. With heavy duty military, shipping, rackmount, and roto-pack Pelican Case options, you can ship both large and delicate items without worrying about how they’ll survive the trip. Whether you’re shipping delicate electronic devices or automatic rifles, Pelican Hardigg cases are the most preferred shipping options.

Pelican shipping cases are rotationally molded with polyethylene shells that are lightweight, watertight, and dustproof. Custom foam inserts guard your shipments from impact, shock, and vibration. For the perfect solution in transporting large equipment both domestically or internationally, choose Hardigg Storm Pelican Case products from

  Hardigg Military Cases   Hardigg Roto-Molded Shipping Cases
    For over half a century, Hardigg Military cases from Pelican has proudly worked with the United States Military to develop transport solutions that ensure every piece of sensitive equipment and vital technology deploys fully operational, no matter how rough the ride or extreme the conditions the armed forces recognizes that no case is more rugged than a Pelican.   Hardigg shipping cases are offered in more than 400 off-the-shelf configurations. We can also create custom solutions to fit specific needs. Constant engineering, relentless pursuit of excellence, and rigorous testing methods continue to drive groundbreaking advancements.
  Hardigg Rack Mount Cases   Hardigg Roto Pack
    Ultra sensitive electronics require extreme protection during both transport and use. Hardigg Rack Mount Cases feature shock-resistant frames housed in an indestructible, lightweight, small footprint casing. The frames can be custom fit to your equipment or remain adjustable for frequent reuse. Built-in sway space provides additional protection, as well as cooling airflow to prevent electronics from overheating.   Large, X-Large, XX-Large Ruggedized Shipping Cases
Transport and protect big equipment in our Roto-Pack ruggedized shipping cases. These cases are shockproof and chemical-resistant. Ultimate protection that will move your equipment from point A to point B without a scratch.
The world's leader in protector cases now offers the Hardigg Storm Cases under one corporate umbrella. The combined offering extends to over 70 industry-leading injection molded shipping case models and are branded as Pelican Case and Pelican Storm Case.

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