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Laptop computer cases for Gateway & HP

laptop computer cases for Gateway & HP

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Case Part Number Laptop Model Unit Dimensions Qty. of Laptops per case


1620-GATEWAY-450 450 Series 13.15"L x 10.63"W x 1.3"H 6 Laptops in one case (custom case**) $415.52
1620-HP-NC4000/4010-6Pack NC4000 & 4010  rev. 06-28-04 11.00"L x 9.20"W x 1.10"H 6 Laptops in one case (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NC6000-6Pack NC6000   rev. 06-28-04 12.51"L x 10.31"W x 1.34"H 6 in one (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NC8000-5Pack NC & NW8000   rev. 06-28-04 12.80"L x 10.80"W x 1.60"H 5 in one (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NX5000-6Pack NX5000  rev. 06-28-04 12.83"L x 10.83"W x 1.44"H 6 in one  (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NX7010-6Pack NX7010  rev. 06-28-04 14.00"L x 10.00"W x 1.36"H 6 in one (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NX9008-5Pack NX9008  rev. 06-28-04 12.96"L x 10.72"W x 1.73"H 5 in one (custom case**) $437.39
1620-HP-NX9010-5Pack NX9010  rev. 06-28-04 12.96"L x 10.72"W x 1.93"H 5 in one (custom case**) $437.39
1660-HP-NX9110-6Pack NX9110  rev. 06-28-04 14.25"L x 11.18"W x 2.00"H 6 in one (custom case**) $699.81
1660-HP-NX9500-6Pack NX9500  rev. 06-28-04 15.67"L x 10.94"W x 1.60"H 6 in one (custom case**) $699.81
1660-HP-ZV5000T-6Pack ZV5000T  rev. 06-28-04 14.3"L x 11.6"W x 1.8"H 6 in one (custom case**) $699.81

**Please confirm that this custom case is suitable for your requirements and verify laptop dimensions before ordering since custom cases are not returnable.

To order please call us at 1-800-882-4730


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