Pelican 7060 LAPD - LED Flashlight


The new Pelican 7060 LED Flashlight is extremely brighter than previous LAPD-issued lights, allowing officers to better distinguish if a suspect presents a danger several feet away. The LED lamp never needs replacing -- exceeding 10,000 hours of use, unlike conventional lamps, which fail after 30 hours of use. And the 7060's 90 minutes of continuous battery life -- with no loss in intensity compared to current flashlights that dim as the charge depletes. The 7060's modern LED technology produces a blinding brightness, which will give LAPD officers the crucial seconds they need to gain the upper hand on a suspect and determine the appropriate action which can save lives.

The optional In-Dash charger ensures the flashlight will last the entire 12-hour shift of an LAPD officer.
 First-of-its-kind three-way switch technology gives officers a choice to readily switch from patrol to tactical mode in seconds. The 7060 is less than half the weight of the existing standard law enforcement flashlights, allowing officers to easily carry their flashlight at all times. And the smaller size means it's more compact, providing more space on an officer's duty belt for other equipment. The high-impact Xenoy resin body is virtually indestructible and incorporates Pelican's distinctive faceted design.

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Pelican 7060 - LAPD Specifications


PN: 7060




Tested Lumen Value



8.65" (22 cm)

Battery Burn Time

1.5 hrs.

Weight w/Batteries

10.4 oz. (0.29 kg)



Weight w/o Batteries

8.2 oz. (0.23 kg)





Battery Pack/Charging Time

Charging Dock
4-5 hours






DUAL SWITCH TECHNOLOGY - The world's first flashlight with on/off activation from either the side or tail switch.

SERRATED LENS SHROUD - Notches alert the user if the light is activated while standing lens down on a surface

GRENADE GRIP - pattern to prevent slippage in wet conditions

COOLING FINS - Machined aluminum thermal sink draws heat away from the lamp module



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