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MOTOROLA XTS-5000 - 6 Pack Carrying Case

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Motorola XTS-5000 Radio Shipping and Carrying Case

Motorola XTS-5000 - 6 Pack Configuration - Carrying Case

01400-RAD-XTS5000-6PACK      Price: $428.23            

(For military and first responders use)

The Motorola XTS-5000 6-Pack Carrying Pelican Case designed for Critical - another exclusive design from CPD Industries

The portable case can accommodate six radios, six batteries, and a six-bay charger.  The custom-fit interior simplifies two critical phases of engagement.  Deployment: cases with custom fit interiors speed mobilization because personnel can quickly take inventory of required equipment.   Demobilization:  Easy to account for return of all issued equipment, which can quickly be repackaged for shipment to the next mission.  Missing gear is identified in seconds due to the signature shape of empty interior cutouts.

Multiple locking flanges allow you to secure the carrying case with padlocks. You can confidently  travel the most severe environments, from the humid conditions of the Amazon to the extreme, bitter cold temperatures of Antarctica with complete ease of mind.

The Motorola 6-Pack carrying case carries the legendary "Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee

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