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OEM Pelican Cases with custom foam interiors by CPD Industries

OEM Pelican Cases with custom foam interiors by CPD Industries

Custom Foam

As one of the largest manufacturers of protective packaging, CPD Industries offers the best custom Pelican case options in a wide range of shipping & storage solutions targeted to the OEM market. For sensitive instruments and equipment, OEM Pelican cases will protect your valuable items better than any other hard case on the market. Protected by a Lifetime Guarantee, our Pelican case designs allow for custom interiors made to your specifications.

Our dedicated design / engineering group and complete in-house production allow us to deliver innovative solutions for a variety of demanding applications to OEM customers around the globe. Orders for OEM Pelican cases are usually available to ship within 1 to 5 days, while non-stock Pelican case orders can take 2 or 3 weeks to complete. We can generate prototypes for custom Pelican case orders in 3 to 7 business days, after a layout has been approved. Small to medium custom production runs (5 to 200 cases) usually require 1 to 3 weeks. Contact us today at 1-800-882-4730 for more information about how you can order the Pelican cases your business or hobby demands.

Pelican carrying case solutions for OEM applications

Pelican Cases, models & interior dimensions

Pelican Case 1120 7.38"L x 4.88"W x 3.12"H

8.50"L x 6.00"W x 3.75"H

9.38"L x 7.25"W x 4.06"H

APP-1300 9.38"L x 7.25"W x 6.12"H

APP-1400 12.12"L x 9.12"W x 5.15"H

APP-1430 14.12"L x 6.31"W x 11.69"H

APP-1440 17.88"L x 9"W x 15.75"H

APP-1450 15"L x 10.50"W x 6"H

APP-1470 15.88"L x 10.75"W x 3.88"H

APP-1490 17.50"L x 11.50"W x 4.47"H

APP-1500 17"L x 11.50"W x 6"H

APP-1510 20.25"L x 11.38"W x 7.5"H

APP-1520 18"L x 12.88"W x 6.62"H

APP-1550 19"L x 14.50"W x 7.62"H

APP-1560 20.38"L x 15.38"W x 9.12"H

APP-1600 21.88"L x 16.88"W x 7.75"H
APP-1610 22.25"L x 17.12"W x 10.50"H

APP-1620 22.25"L x 17.12"W x 12.62"H

APP-1630 28.88"L x 21.88"W x 15.25"H

APP-1640 24.88"L x 24.88"W x 14"H

APP-1650 28.88"L x 17.88"W x 10.50"H

APP-1660 29.12"L x 20.62"W x 17.38"H

APP-1690 30.88"L x 26"W x 15.25"H

APP-1700 35.88"L x 13.88"W x 5.25"H

APP-1720 42.00"L x 13.50"W x 5.25"H

APP-1730 34.65"L x 24.75"W x 13"H

APP-1740 41.62"L x 13.50"W x 11.87"H

APP-1750 50.62"L x 13.50"W x 5"H

APP-1780 42.00"L x 22.00"W x 14.00"H

APP-0340 18"L x 18"W x 16.50"H

APP-0350 20"L x 20"W x 20"H

APP-0370 24"L x 24"W x 24"H
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