Pelican 1495 Briefcase


When it's time to go to work you need your most important items right there with you. Whether it's important documents, sensitive electronics, or your laptop computer, a Pelican briefcase is the safest way to carry your valuables.

What sets a Pelican briefcase apart?

A sturdy design – Pelican's briefcases are designed to look stylish while providing an unprecedented level of protection. These designs are watertight, dust and sand proof. They can stand up to extreme temperatures, vibration, impact, and just about anything else you can throw at them.

Easy to manage – A Pelican briefcase is not only durable, it's lightweight. With an easy grip handle you can move your indispensable items around easily. A padded sleeve and shoulder strap even lets you wear the briefcase so you can keep your hands free for other things (available with some briefcases).

Plenty of room – These designs allow you to carry laptops, power supplies, office essentials, discs, hard drives, and anything else you need for your next job. Whether you're giving a presentation or heading out to the film set, Pelican protects your materials as you travel. With foam interiors, you can keep your belongings organized as well.

Safe and Secure – Pelican cases are known for being unbreakable, but they're also protected from vandals as well. Our selection of Pelican briefcase models is all pad-lockable, and some models feature a combination lock. Not worrying about the safety of your belongings allows for worry-free travel.

And if there's still any question as to why you should choose a Pelican briefcase, the Pelican unconditional lifetime guarantee should settle the matter. If somehow, your Pelican briefcase should break, Pelican will replace it—no questions asked. With the ultimate protection and a lifetime guarantee, you'll be investing in more than just a carrying case. Your briefcase will be more like a portable safe.

Can you afford to keep your computer, presentation documents, or electronic equipment in a briefcase you can't trust? Focus on the task at hand instead of whether or not your items are safe. Learn more about our selection of Pelican briefcases today at

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