If you're ready to protect your most precious equipment, you've come to the right place. You know there's no case stronger or more reliable than a Pelican case, but which one is right for you?

Pelican cases can accommodate anything from camera cards to computer rack units. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, choosing the right Pelican case is important for ensuring your items are properly protected.

Small Pelican Case Models: Small Pelican case options are excellent for smaller electronics, camera equipment, and smaller firearms. Customizable foam inserts allow you to create a snug fit for your equipment, no matter what shape it may be. Cases 1120-1450 fall within the small range.

Medium Pelican Case Models: Moderate sized Pelican cases can be used as road cases, secure shipping cases, and as an ideal laptop case. Pelican cases 1470-1550 comprise the medium size range and are large enough to fit important computer or camera equipment, but small enough to be easily portable.

Large Pelican Case Models: With a wide range of styles between Pelican case numbers 1510 and 1780, as well as 0340-500, large Pelican cases are big enough to accommodate computer towers, accessories, and groups of items like laptops, cameras, or firearms.

You'll also find a variety of Pelican cases specific to certain needs on CasesByPelican.com, including hard drive cases, camcorder cases, gun cases, military cases, and laptop and computer cases. You'll also find Pelican cases on wheels for making transporting heavy items simple, and briefcases that provide easy carrying.

Pelican case designs are trusted by medical professionals, the military, athletes, first responders, and more. For the professional on-the-go, a Pelican case is the safest place for your equipment. However rugged your line of work may be, Pelican cases can stand up to any abuse. With a snug fit for the things you can't live without, plus room for all of your accessories, Pelican cases are the ideal storage or shipping unit.

With an unconditional lifetime guarantee on all Pelican cases, you can be sure that any Pelican case you purchase will be unbreakable, watertight, airtight, and corrosion proof. Browse our selection of Pelican cases and choose the perfect Pelican case for you!

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