July 27, 2012

The Pelican 1600 Shipping Case Lets Business Nomads and Travelers Go the Extra Mile

Portable case serves as ideal shipping companion for OEM and industrial markets

Whether looking to ship prototypes, electronics, or other fragile items to tradeshows or business meetings, the Pelican 1600 case, has earned its certification as a Transport Specialist for protecting valuables. 

Comforting and nurturing on the inside and tough as nails on the outside, this incredible case is capable of withstanding even the harshest conditions known to Mother Nature.  Hostile environments definitely wont hold this beast back:  like a boss.  Its not only armored with an ultra high strength copolymer polypropylene resin body, but also boasts exterior ribs for continuous structural support, and reinforced rounded bumper corners - made to take abuse while being shipped. 

These physical characteristics paired with custom, anti-static (for sensitive electronics), or Pick N Pluck foam types, help to guard against run-ins with adversaries such as impact, shock, and vibration.  The case is also available with padded dividers or with no foam, if desired. 

And while most items that are placed inside the Pelican 1600 will likely become obsolete (or stamped with an expiration date), the case itself lives on to tell stories of its legendary unconditional lifetime guarantee of excellence.  Thats because it comes equipped with stringent U.S. and NATO military certifications.  MIL C-4150J, DEF STAN 81-41/STANAG 4280, IP-67 (1 meter submersion for 30 minutes), and ATA 300 are just some of the tests this indestructible, air- and watertight case has passed.  Its also corrosion-proof, along with being impervious to chemicals and solvents.  With standards such as these, its no wonder why theres no life expectancy set for this tough guy. 

The Pelican case can take on anything, even extreme weather ranging from -40 to 210F, but when it gets hot and the 1600 goes for a dive, its safe to say that contents within the case wont even be exposed to moisture thanks to three components that make the case watertight:  0.25 (6.4 mm) o-ring seal, automatic pressure equalization valve, and ABS easy open double throw latches.  This still stands true when heavy equipment is inside the case.  Buoyancy:  75 lbs.                                                                                                      

Stainless-steel padlock protectors combined with secure locks are a safe house since they allow for added security when the Pelican case is locked, and act as a deterrent for those unwanted looters.

 While the watertight case is great for industrial and OEM markets as well as military and law enforcement communities, it houses virtually any sensitive or fragile items that fit within these dimensions: 21.88"L x 16.88"W x 7.75"H - 1.75" Lid over 6" Base.  However, if seeking superior protection for sensitive or fragile items, foam shall be utilized and usable dimensions become:  20.88L x 15.88W; 5 base (where one inch is subtracted from each axis of the cases interior).  Exterior dimensions:  24.25"L x 19.43"W x 8.69"H. The case weighs a mere 14.11 lbs. when empty; 13 lbs with foam.

For gun enthusiasts opting for an already made solution, the Pelican 1600 Gun Case may be the transport solution of choice for protecting valuable weaponry.  Comes with two pieces of convoluted (egg-crate style) and Pick N Pluck foam.

 Available in black (stock color).  Minimum quantity orders apply for Desert Tan or OD Green colors please check for availability.


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Pelican 1600 case

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