September 4, 2012

The Pelican 1620 won't wilt or crumble when rolling through extreme terrains

1620 wheeled shipping case absorbs the bruising blows of travel

The Pelican 1620 makes a strong case for depth when choosing a reusable shipping and transport solution.  The mobile carrying case is deep and tough enough to protect rugged equipment that doesn’t require pampering.  And yet it can adapt to sensitive digital units with customized interior padding.  Either way, this unit rolls with the Pelican unconditional lifetime guarantee. 

It’s easy to get a grip on this durable case with fold-down handles.  Haul by hand or use the retractable steering handle and embedded wheels to take a swift spin around a trade show, job site or airport. 

The Pelican 1620 case survives every high-impact event. The Space Age structural resin exterior is lightweight yet absorbs the bruising blows of travel.  And it won’t wilt or crumble when rolling through extreme temperatures and terrains.   

The design also thwarts theft with a security system that includes stainless steel hardware and flanges that can be padlocked.  When unlocked, accessibility is easy and fast with ABS double-throw latches.

Unyielding yet versatile, the generous storage space in the Pelican 1620 can be adapted for Apple tablets, Mac Book pro laptops and other digital components using pre-scored layers of Polyethylene Pick ’N’ Pluck foam.  Photographers and videographers can organize equipment with a padded divider insert made of durable nylon and foam. Each compartment can be adjusted with a hook and loop Velcro® system.  A convoluted (egg crate) Polyurethane foam pad fits snuggly in the case’s lid.

Dimensions are generous.  The 2" lid closes on a base that is 22.12"L x 17.12"W x 10.38".  Despite the depth, when empty the case weighs only 24.5 lbs.  Only 26 lbs with Polyurethane layers of foam or padded dividers.

The Pelican 1620 boasts a 0.25" (6.4 mm) o-ring seal that keeps the case airtight and waterproof.  An automatic pressure valve adjusts to atmospheric pressure.  Buoyant up to 150 lbs, the case can survive a temperature range of -40 to 210°F.  The IP 67 rating means the unit is dust and sand proof.  Other specs include MIL C-4150J and DEF STAN 81-41/STANAG 4280.  The 1620 is also airline safe with a category ATA 300 rating.

Available in three colors.  Black is ready for shipping within 24 hrs.  Desert Tan and OD Green may require longer lead times; please check availability before ordering.


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