September 6, 2012

Gun aficionados rely on the Pelican 1700 case for protection

The Pelican 1700 gun case is a rugged roll model for transporting firearms to outposts in every hemisphere.  This mobile, economic reusable shipping solution is ideal for rifles that don’t require padding.  But for specialty guns that demand the soft touch, custom-foam interiors are available.  Customized or no-frills, each gun carrying case travels with the Pelican unconditional lifetime guarantee.

A pull handle, embedded wheels and a fold-down handle make this road warrior as convenient as it is tough.  Sportsmen easily navigate shooting ranges, hunting grounds and airports.  When returning home, the case politely rolls into its storage space.

The Pelican 1700  is built to last with a Space Age structural resin exterior.  This bruiser absorbs nasty impacts and yet is lightweight.  Only 16.09 lbs when empty.  Got protective foam?  17 lbs.  Just load, lock and roll through every extremity known to Man — hot, cold, wet or desert dry.  No worries.

For more protection, pad the gun case with a 3-piece set of Polyurethane foam. Use two 1.62" thick slabs for the base and one convoluted (egg-crate) pad for the lid.  

For a customized alternative, consider the top of the line weapon solution, such as the SOPMOD M4A1 Carbine Gun Case.  The Polyethylene foam cutout and convoluted (egg crate) padding in the case’s lid holds the weapon snug. The case accommodates collapsible stocks, forward handgrips, ACOG optical sight (mounted on top of rail), AIM Point (mounted on rail) and visible laser and light, and multiple magazines.  It also has space for a reusable desiccant to protect against mildew, rust and corrosion.  Only 20 lbs when empty.

The Pelican 1700 and the SOPMOD case are fitted with stainless steel hardware and flanges that can be padlocked.  They have the same interior dimensions: 35.88"L x 13.88"W.  The 1.75" lid closes over a 3.50" base.

The gun cases are designed with a 0.25" (6.4 mm) o-ring seal that keeps the interior airtight and waterproof.  An automatic pressure valve adjusts to atmospheric pressure, and each model can survive a temperature range of -40 to 210°F.  The IP 67 rating means the units are dust and sand proof.  Other specs include MIL C-4150J and DEF STAN 81-41/STANAG 4280.  Both are airline safe with a category ATA 300 rating. 

Available in three colors.  Black is ready for shipping within 24 hrs.  Desert Tan and OD Green may require longer lead times; please check availability before ordering.


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Gun aficionados rely on the Pelican 1700 case for protection

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