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Pelican Case Survives Hurricane Sandy
Waterproof guarantee withstands wicked tidal surge
Pelican Cases Survive Hurricane Sandy
When Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeast coast in 2012, many residents of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn were scared. An apartment dweller we'll call "Tim" was also distraught, even though he was out of town at the time and watching the storm on TV.

Who could blame him for thinking all was lost? The power of the wind and rain were devastating. It was as if the entire Atlantic Ocean was being dumped on his town. The flooding was so fast and furious there was little hope that property and personal belongings would be spared.

Despite power outages and tidal surges, Brooklyn survived. But Tim's apartment and almost everything in it was a total wreck. His biggest concern was for his two expensive video cameras. Each was stored in a Pelican case, which came with a lifetime warrantee and assurances that they were crushproof and waterproof and everything-else proof. But in a hurricane? Tim wished that he'd traveled with his Pelican cases, but it was too late for that now. He had every reason to believe they'd been swept out to sea.

When the authorities finally let everyone return to their apartments, Tim found his belongings strewn about or damaged beyond repair.

And though his heart leapt when he discovered the Pelican cases buried beneath a water-logged futon and chest of drawers, his spirits sank when he imagined his video cams trapped and ruined in a tub of rain water.

He took a deep breath and opened the cases. What he discovered were ultra dry interiors. Not one drop of water had permeated the pressure seal.

Even better, when he pushed the "on" button his video cams fired up like nothing had happened. "Pelican Defeats Sandy!"

Forgive us for writing our own headline. But we're proud of the products we manufacture. And very pleased that good people like Tim enjoyed at least one moment of victory when they opened their Pelicans.


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