Pelican Laptop Carrying Cases 1490



In today's business world, your laptop is your livelihood. Whether you're working for the Fortune 500 or as an independent artist, your computer holds all of your most important working tools. Damage to your laptop or serious malfunction can result in jobs lost, work ruined, and less income.

To protect your most important files, works in progress, and vital communication, secure your computer in a Pelican laptop case. We carry a wide range of Pelican cases that are made specifically for laptops and accessories. With space for organizing your writing implements, power cords, and other essential items, a Pelican case keeps your items organized, safe, and stylish at all times. Plus, the shoulder strap provides a comfortable option that frees up your hands while you commute.

Whether you're looking to carry your Pelican laptop case through difficult travel or you want to ship your computer across the world, the unique quality of a Pelican case ensures that your laptop will arrive at its destination safely. With foam trays that absorb shock and hard shell cases that can really take a beating, your laptop will be snug and safe through any conditions. Pelican laptop cases are watertight, dust and sand proof, and stable in extreme weather.

We have Pelican laptop case options for single notebook computers or multiple laptops in a single case—up to 12 laptops in one case! Our airline safe Pelican case models allow you to travel anywhere, under any pressures, and open your laptop in perfect working condition. No matter how far or arduous your travels become, Pelican cases allow you to open your laptop to the work you started before you left.

Worried about someone swiping your expensive equipment? Pelican laptop case models incorporate keyed locking latches or the use of a padlock to protect your valuable items.

Trust your career to a Pelican laptop case today and you'll never be disappointed. Contact our experts to help you match a Pelican case to your specific needs. Choose the correct Pelican case for your laptop computer and hit the road with peace of mind. Order your Pelican laptop case today from

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