If you need to protect your laptop for business or recreation, you know a Pelican laptop case is the most durable and reliable protection for your portable computer. But it may be difficult to choose the perfect laptop case from the many options available. This guide will help you select the Pelican laptop case that best fits your needs and equipment.

Often, the laptop case you need is determined by the size of computer you have. Smaller laptops up to 11.75" long, 9.75" wide, and 1.5" deep are an ideal fit in the Pelican 1470. A convoluted lid and shock absorbing foam tray protect your laptop from damage, while locking latches require a key for case entry. A removable shoulder strap helps you transport your computer wherever you need to go.

For laptop computers up to 14.25" long, 10-7/8" wide, and 2 ½" deep, the Pelican 1490 provides a sturdy Pelican laptop case with a lid organizer, shock absorbing foam tray, and a removable shoulder strap. Keyed locking latches keep your computer and accessories safe. The 1490 also comes in a slightly larger design which can accommodate laptops up to 17 3/8" long, 11"wide and 3 3/8" deep.

Long distance travelers require airline safe cases for their laptops, and Pelican's 1520 delivers the "Perfect-Fit Protective Foam Interior" that customers demand. The unique modular hex-cell configuration allows you to customize the interior to your fit your computer and accessories easily. Remove the perforated hexagons by hand and utilize the lower compartment for storing cables, power cords, and other accessories. The foam cushion is made from heavy duty neoprene and cross-linked polyethylene foam protects computers up to 15" long x 11.25" wide X 2" deep.

Need to carry multiple laptops? The Pelican 1620 is an airline safe Pelican laptop case that allows you to carry several computers at once. Find a specific model for Acer, Apple, Compaq, Gateway, HP, Dell, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, and more. An additional polyethylene cap on top of the polyethylene foam provides the very best in shock protection, and a compartment for accessories ensures you have all the cables and power supplies you need.

When you're heading off to the next meeting, conference, or trade show, don't trust a soft case to protect your laptop from the hazards of travel. Keep your portable computer safe in a Pelican laptop case.

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