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If you’re on the move or need to ship valuable items, Pelican shipping cases are the ideal solution. Whether you need to transport a laptop computer, camera equipment, or hard drives, you can find a Pelican case that secures and protects the things you depend on most.

Shipping items or traveling long distances can have detrimental effects on your electronics. Not only are these items often very expensive and represent significant investments, but they often carry the weight of long-term projects or valuable data that cannot be lost. Pelican shipping cases are designed to preserve the items inside them against any kind of trouble, ensuring that you won’t lose the things you can’t live without.

With strong, airline-safe Pelican cases, you can ship up to a dozen laptops safely, or protect an entire rack of equipment from impact, shock, and vibration damage. Shipping the tools of your trade in a Pelican case is easy. With plenty of compartments and customizable inserts, you can transport all of the accessories you need for your computer, camera, or camcorder setup.

Law enforcement and military professionals rely on the injection molded plastic of Pelican Storm cases. With a high impact, lightweight shell, these Pelican shipping cases are dent-resistant and nearly indestructible. Pressure equalization valves keep your belongings safe, while comfort grip handles and wheels make these Pelican cases much easier to handle than the competition.

Designed to stand up to any conditions, Pelican shipping cases meet and exceed the highest standards for airline, commercial, and industrial applications. For the most delicate electronics, professionals choose Pelican cases because they are watertight, airtight, corrosion-proof, and nearly unbreakable.

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, Pelican cases are supported by the Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence—meaning that if your Pelican case is ever broken, it will be replaced. With a warranty like that, you can be sure that Pelican stands behind their cases and that almost none of their cases ever manage to break.

Don’t settle for inferior shipping methods that will put your important items in jeopardy. Securely ship your essentials in Pelican shipping cases today from CasesByPelican.com.

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